​What’s in a prayer in social media?

With the series of earthquakes that had occured in some parts of Luzon, one of the 7,000++ islands in the Philippines, I saw a lot of prayers posted in social media to “save” them or the country from the potential disastrous effects of ground shaking.

I’m not sure if god can or will read your facebook or twitter posts, specially if you’re account is private. Does he has an active public account? Is he always online and read everything posted in social media? He may have missed your post since his wall will be flooded with billions and billions of prayers with some of these being so redundant (sharing of a shared post shared by someone who shared the shared post)! Is he your “friend” in facebook or a follower in twitter?

I wonder… is he using an iPhone or an Android phone? Or maybe, he always have his laptop or PC on and hooked till eternity on the world wide web.

Let’s see if we can google his account… But wait, he may be using a fake account or a dummy account. Just let me know his user account if you find him in any social media platform.


​Top 5 Things To Do this Valentine’s Day if You’re Single!

1. Post a lot of selfies in facebook or Instagram!

2. Have dinner with your parents or siblings!

3. Play a PC or console game until the Valentine’s Day is over!

4. Do overtime work and get paid for rendering extra time at the office!

5. And lastly, date someone who is single, too!

Rogue One: My movie review

My movie review of Star Wars Rogue One (if you have not watched this, stop reading… There may be some spoilers! )

The movie was good but not as good as the Force Awakens. And here’s why, in my own opinion:

1. I was a little bit confused in the first segment of the movie where the scenes made the viewers jump from one planet to another. Some may find it hard to keep up. And honestly, I did concentrate a bit so as not to get lost on what the characters were trying to do in each of the planets they have visited. They could have simplified the opening plot instead of trying to ram in a lot of scenes and places (… so as not to have an overblown film budget, I think!). I didn’t had time to remember what happened in each of the planets in the first half of the movie… They lost me there several times.

2. The CGI effects of Peter Cushing, who played Tarkin, though well crafted, looks definitely unreal. It threw me off balance and pulled me out of the movie. We all like watching movies because it places us in a dreamworld of make-believe… But with this CGi effect of Tarkin among real humans playing their part in the movie, the dreamworld burst. I am not sure why he needs to appear and talk several times… He is not really needed in the overall plot of the movie.

3. The appearance of Darth Vader was not dramatic enough to make you feel the awe which you have experienced everytime he appears in Series 4, 5, and 6 of Star Wars. In this movie, Darth Vader was inadvertently turned into just an “extra”, a supporting actor, with no “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from the viewer. Rogue One made Darth Vader “ordinary”… Which shouldn’t be since Darth Vader was and is one of the central characters of Star Wars!

4. The plot is entirely redundant of the past Star Wars plots. Yes, you guessed it right… It’s another “how to destroy death star” story. The story is very simple and I can say it in three words, “Get the plan…!'” That’s it! Unfortunately, all the heroes died in retrieving the plan on how to destroy the death star which brings me to my last item;

5. One thing I liked the most is the CGI they made for Princess Leia… It was a short appearance but I was really taken by it making me want to watch Star Wars 4, New Hope. The ending brought me back to the events “before” Darth Vader captured Leia’s ship. One thing that they may have forgotten… to have a scene how C3PO and R2D2 ended up inside Leia’s ship. Both of these most-loved android of Star Wars only had a few seconds of dialogue in the middle of the movie.

How will I rate Rogue One? Out of 10, I’ll rate it 6.

Philippines: China or the USA?

From a Filipino who has seen the world…

I like China because they sell cheap alternative products. I like America because of Star Wars, Titanic, Resident Evil, and of course, The Walking Dead, my favorite TV series!

I like China because of the birthday noodles, and that delicious lariat-style cuisine. I like America because of their hotdogs and hamburgers. Let’s add Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks that bring out the child in you.

But of course, I also don’t like certain things from China and from America but these things will not make me “hate” them. Simply put, I love China, America, India, Russia, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the rest of the world!

The Tagalog Word “Diyos” (god)… Where did it come from?

​Ever wondered where the Tagalog word “diyos” (god in English) came from?

The word “diyos” had its roots in the Latin word “deus” (pronounced as de-yus) which means a god or a deity. The Latin word “deus” can also be translated as “dies” (Latin; pronounced as di-yes) or Sun in English.

The ancients worshipped the Sun as a god. In the Grecian Pantheon of Gods, they had Zeus as the primary god of Olympus which was also seen as the Sun-God. Many scholars believe that the word “Zeus” was the origin of the Latin word “deus”. Yup, they’re actually phonetically similar.

The early Spaniards, who invaded the Philippines, said the mass in Latin which used the word “deus” to mean a god. The Filipinos later on adopted the Latin word “deus” as part of their language, pronounced as “di-yos”, to mean “god”. And that’s where the Tagalog word “diyos” came to be.

So everytime you call your god “diyos”, you’re actually calling “Zeus”, the Sun-God of ancient Greece!

Demonizing a Word

People always have ways in twisting and interpreting words and acronyms that would normally appeal to the superstitious faithful.

For example;

PAK GANERN, a rephrased Tagalog version of “tumpak, ganun yun” or (“right, that’s it”) was retranslated to mean “be with me satan eternally”  (derived from latin words “Paccrassius” which means, “be with me satan” and Ganern – “Ganri” means “eternal”). Who cares? I don’t even know “latin”! LOL!

Now, LOL which only means “laugh out loud” was also retranslated by some people to mean another thing. For them, LOL means “lucifer our lord” instead of “laugh out loud”. Well, that really gave me a boatful of LOL! And I can’t keep myself from laughing again and again everytime I see a ridiculous translation of this LOL shared in the social media! LOL! I need a gulp of coffee to stop me from laughing.

Now that leads me to the next ridiculous retranslation I saw to demonize a word. The word, “GULP” which for some people means “guide us lucifer please”. Did that made you guffawed, too? I have my own translation of it, “gullible united, let’s play”! LOL!

I suspect that some superstitious believers will even have a demonic translation for the word “Amen” which I speculate to mean “agitated majority, evil netizens”!

PAK GANERN? LOL! Let’s have a GULP of coffee, amen? AMEN!

The Divided Republic of the Philippines

The Philippines is now officially known as “The Divided Republic of the Philippines”. A country where “pros” and “antis” clash to the brink of losing civility and the term “kababayan” (countrymen) now becomes just a domestic lip service. Filipinos are famous for “feeling superior” than other kababayans, “mayabang” (conceited), and to an intolerable extent, “mataas ang ihi” or an innate egocentric attitude with a wanton desire to be treated as VIPs.

“Ayaw patalo” (sour loser), “tama ako, mali sila” (I am right, you’re wrong) and the disgusting “crab mentality” are also the reason why the Philippines remain to be a third-world country now further moving into a fourth-world country, if such a term exist.
Unless these traits can be overcome by our future generation, the Philippines will remain a divided republic with no orchestrated effort to move forward… Unfortunately, the future generation are being raised with all of these bad traits leaving the country beyond redemption for the next one hundred years.